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Gino LegalTech

Stand: R10


Gino LegalTech is a pioneering French legaltech company founded by Philippe Ginestié. Gino LegalTech designs, develops and markets the "Gino" Contract Life Management (CLM) solution which, in 10 modules, automates and optimizes, in particular through artificial intelligence, each step of the life cycle of a contract, from its drafting to the follow-up of its execution. Gino LegalTech's mission is to optimize and leverage the power of technology - from databases to AI - to capitalize on contractual know-how and streamline the creation and management of contracts for the benefit of a wide range of users and business profiles within Companies, Administrations and Law Firms. Member of France Digitale, Microsoft CoSell Partner, UGAP Referenced, and awarded the Contract Management Gold Trophy in July 2023 by Décideurs Juridiques.